I've never actually read the books this has a connection with - let's not go into a rant on how much it's different, that's not what this post nor this journal is about - but I've been watching the trailers, over, and over, and over, and over... and I've fallen for the thing, and it's not even out yet! Since I have a few posts of icons made up from screenshots I took in my own journal, I thought I'd make this.

While it's based more on the movie, take note, I will accept icons from the comics if you're so inclined. (Please just tag in the bottom which it's from, thank you.)


1. Be polite- this has to be the most important rule.
2. Don't spam.
3. If fake cuts lead to your own journal entry, then I don't mind them, but keep it on livejournal.
4. Follow the rules each user specifies for their icons & graphics.
5. Also, please, make sure that if you post icons on here, the post stays open- do not close it after so many days. I want all icons accessible to whoever may come.