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Priest (2011) graphics & icons
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This is a community for fans of the film/comics Priest to post icons and other graphics for it.
So, yeah, this is a community for icons and graphics for Priest (2011).

Here's a few rules, eh?

1. Be polite- this has to be the most important rule.
2. Don't spam.
3. If fake cuts lead to your own journal entry, then I don't mind them, but keep it on livejournal.
4. Follow the rules each user specifies for their icons & graphics.
5. Also, please, make sure that if you post icons on here, the post stays open- do not close it after so many days. I want all icons accessible to whoever may come.

While it's based more on the movie, take note, I will accept icons from the comics if you're so inclined. (Please just tag in the bottom which it's from, thank you.)

If you have any questions, please message me at ricardo_irving .

*taken from first post

I've filled the tags in for the most part, but if anyone familiar with the comics has some characters/etc to throw in for tags regarding that, I would be thrilled if you would help me and tell me what to put- I'm afraid to try and look it up and/or maybe screw up.